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Jamaica is an island nation located in the West Indies of the Caribbean, and was first inhabited by indigenous peoples from South America. Most renowned were the Arawaks and the Taínos who settled the island around AD 700–800. 3. Jamaica has one UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Blue and John Crow Mountains


Introducing our Honorable Prime Minister of Jamaica, Jamaica's Consulate General (Miami, FL), and our Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Rep. Southern USA

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.jpg
Consul General Oliver Mair.jfif
Hon. Peter Gracey.png

Jamaica's National Symbols

Jamaican Flag.png
Jamaica's National Amthem.jpg
Blue Mahoe - Jamaica National Tree.jpg
Lignum Vitae Flower.jpg
Jamaica National Bird - Doctor Bird.jpeg
Ackee & Salt Fish.jpg

National Heroes, Historical Places & Cultural Events

Jamaican Heroes.jfif
Dunns River.jfif
7 Mile Beach In Negril Jamaica.jpg
Jamaica Carnival.jpg
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