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Joan Edghill - JAAOCF President.jpg

Ms. Joan Edghill

Tajana Bogle - Vice President

Ms. Tajana Bogle
Vice President

Mr. Carroll Grant - Treasurer.jpg

Mr. Carroll Grant

Mrs. Margaret Tate
Lionel Williams - Assistant Treasurer.jpg

Mr. Lionel Williams
Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Margaret Tate
Corresponding Secretary


Mea Alman - Outreach Chair.jpg

Ms. Mea Allman, MCC/HNC-C
Outreach Chair

Mrs. Marjorie Brown.jpg

Mrs. Marjorie Bown

Founder &

Membership Chair

Cannetta Bukola-Patterson -.jpg

Ms. Cannetta Bukola-Patterson

Member From The Floor

Dr. Barbara Dawkins, Ed.D..jpg

Dr. Barbara Dawkins, Ed.D.

Immediate Past President

Dr. Herbert Dawkins - Building Chair.jpg

Dr. Herbert DawkinsEd.D.
Building Chair

Ms. Angela Nelson.jpg

Ms. Angela Nelson

Member From The Floor

Grace Powell - Entetainment Chair.jpeg

Ms. Grace Powell, MHR

Entertainment & Development Chair

Dr. Pat Smith - Parliamentarian.jpg

Dr. Pat Smith, R.D., Ed.D


About Us

The Jamaican American Association of Central Florida  (JAAOCF) is dedicated to promoting opportunities for advancement to and empowerment for Jamaicans and people of Jamaican American descent through access to financial resources and education with an emphasis on community, history, culture, health, music, and the arts, etc.

Our Mission

To preserve, enhance and promote our cultural heritage by and through our focus on education, our youth, community service and emergency assistance both locally and internationally.

A Message From Our JAAOCF President

Dear members and friends of the Jamaican American Association of Central Florida (JAAOCF):
It is truly an honor to serve as president of the JAAOCF this year. My name is Joan Edghill. I am a woman of strong faith, a mother, a grandmother, a former licensed stockbroker, a retired educator, a cancer survivor, and so much more. My professional life experience as a licensed stockbroker and a representative of various financial institutions taught me the importance of teamwork, patience, courtesy, and problem solving. These skills are vital to the success of any organization. My career as an educator helped to concrete my desire to share, to serve, and to guide. My faith gives me confidence and empowers me to do what is honorable. This quote by Jim Rohm exemplifies the leader I will strive to be.

“Be strong, but not rude. Be kind, but not weak. Be bold, but don’t bully. Be humble, but not shy.

Be proud, but not arrogant.” by Jim Rohn


Ultimately, I hope that you will consider joining us in our effort to build stronger communities in Central Florida and in Jamaica.

Sincerely, Joan Edghill, M.Ed.

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