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At the JAMAICAN AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL FLORIDA (JAAOCF), one of our "highest priorities," in addition to promoting BRAND JAMAICA, is to "bring business to our members." When a business owner joins the JAAOCF, you are given access to our social media outlets, community and social events. 


There are TWO types of memberships: REGULAR and ASSOCIATE:

REGULAR membership is open to individuals or families of Jamaican heritage, or through marriage to a Jamaican. ASSOCIATE membership shall be extended to applicants who share a genuine interest in Jamaica. 

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Membership Perks

Membership has its many benefits; below are just a few of the popular ones:


1. Web Site – Advertise Your Company on our website and get a FREE hot link to give your business exposure.


2. Expos – Members have the opportunity to present their products at various Association Events and co-sponsored events.


Click on the tab below to ​complete the membership application to enjoy all of the benefits THE JAMAICAN AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL FLORIDA has to offer.

Pay Annual Membership Dues

Single Dues - $60

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Age 18-26 Dues - $30

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Couple Dues - $100

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